Monday, April 6, 2009

Official Contest Rules & Prizes!

Everybody wins

Simply by entering, you will win access to a Private Group Coaching Session* with the creators of The Adventure Project, Kelli Calabrese and Tammy Kling!

How to Enter

It's simple! Each week, for 5 weeks straight, we will release an exclusive video from Kelli Calabrese asking you a question about Adventure.  Record a video in response to as many questions as you choose, and post your videos to Facebook and/or Youtube.  If you post the video to Facebook, tag some friends and add it to the group videos at and include the group URL in the description.  If you post the video to Youtube, post it as a Video Response to and link to in the description.  Record a video showing what action you take to create adventure for another chance to win.  Read the "Requirements" section below for more details.  

How to Win

Whoever brings the most adventure to the most people wins! Here's how it works:

For each Video you upload, you get 5 Adventure Points.

You can create up to one video for each question, meaning that you can get Adventure Points for up to 5 videos, for a total of 25!  You can post each video to both Facebook and Youtube, but you will only get the 5 points once.

For each comment on each video you post, you get 3 Adventure Points!

Each comment you get per video will gain you an additional 3 Adventure Points. If you upload a video to both Youtube and Facebook, the total number of comments between the two will count towards your Adventure Points. 

Please note that your own c
omments do not earn you points towards your total. Comments made by Russell Yermal, Kelli Calabrese, or Tammy Kling do not count towards your point total.

Facebook Only! For each person you tag in your video, you get 2 Adventure Points.

When you upload your video, "Tag" your friends who you think might be interested. Not only will this get you more comments and inspire more people to make content because of you, you will get 2 points for each person you tag!

Two Contestants Will Receive this Grand Prize Package!

The person with the most Adventure Points, and one person picked by our Panel of Personal Development Experts and Entrepreneurs, will each receive:

One (1) 30-Minute Coaching Session From Kelli Calabrese and Tammy Kling! You can bring a friend (or group) or come by yourself, it's up to you!

One (1) Copy of the The Adventure Project, by Tammy Kling and Kelli Calabrese!

One (1) Copy of the The Compass (Softcover) by Tammy Kling and John Spencer Ellis, personally autographed by Tammy Kling.

One (1) Copy of the The Compass (DVD) by John Spencer Ellis, featuring Tammy Kling, Kelli Calabrese, Joe Vitale, Brian Tracy, and other Industry Leaders in Personal Development.

  • Join the Facebook group, subscribe to this blog via the Google Friend Connect Toolbar on the right, or Subscribe via RSS to stay updated on The Adventure Project.
  • Either link to the Facebook group ( in your video description or post your video as a video response to
  • Please challenge your viewers to create their own videos in each video!  The more people who enter the contest, the more people will be commenting on your videos and the higher your chance of winning.
  • Register using the form on the right.
  • You are responsible for recording your own point total.
  • You will be responsible for submitting your point total to us (join the facebook group @ to stay updated)
  • We will announce end of contest through this blog as well as the Facebook group. Subscribe to this blog via the Google Friend Connect Toolbar on the right or Subscribe via RSS to be updated on contest status.

Disclaimer: We have the right to refuse your entry for any reason. 100 videos (minimum) must be submitted in order for prizes to be given away. Points will be verified upon contest completion. Products will ship to you as they become available to the general public. Recording of group coaching session will be provided to all entrants in case you are unable to attend. In the event of a dispute, contest winner will be determined by a panel of entrepreneurs and wellness professionals.  You are not guaranteed to win anything.

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